About Us

We're a small but quickly growing real estate investment and development company. My partner and I founded our company in 2010, initially investing in short sale and foreclosure properties along Brickell Avenue in downtown Miami.

After finding success in Miami, we started student rental property divisions in Ithaca, NY (for Cornell students) and Columbus, OH (for OSU students). We also formed a property flipping arm of our business that focuses primarily on Columbus and surrounding areas.

Prior to moving full-time into real estate, my partner was the CEO of a computer gaming company that he founded as an undergraduate student at Stanford. I was a business major at UNC as an undergraduate, attended NYU for law school and practiced as a biglaw private equity tax attorney.

Our strategy for our student rental portfolio is to buy in cash, rehab the properties, lock down leases then refinance and use the loan proceeds to purchase more properties.


We are available to prospective and existing tenants at inquiry@brohiostate.com. We will follow up with you within 24 hours. For emergencies, please refer to the phone numbers provided to you in the lease agreement.